Cash Buyer Program

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Buying real estate with cash is a method that benefits everyone involved. Sellers who accept cash for their house can close faster because the buyer (you) is not waiting for the approval of a loan. Since their house is not leveraged with a loan, sellers can sell their house and get cash in their hands fast, no matter the property or market’s current condition. As a result, we are implementing our Cash Buyer Program.

Cash buyers have the ability to close on a property faster, and in many cases, cheaper. Even better is having access to creative and non-traditional funding methods based on the property itself instead of the cash buyer’s personal finances. This ensures fast closings and provides more people the opportunity to invest in real estate, despite not having the ideal finances or credit to go the traditional route.

If you are looking to buy your next home at a great price, or a real estate investor (house flipper or landlord) looking for your next investment, join our Cash Buyer's Program. We will add you to our exclusive cash buyer's list and send you investment properties we have available for cash purchase.

We provide cash buyers with discounted investment properties throughout North and Central New Jersey. To do this, we make cash offers to homeowners who are struggling to keep their house and are looking for a fast solution to selling their house. Our goal is to help relieve them of their personal and financial situations caused by their property. At the same time, we want to give their property another chance to serve a new owner and continue to be valuable for its community. 

The investment properties we provide our network of cash buyers are often in some form of physical or financial distress. As a result, they are oftentimes not listed in the real estate market. Examples of distressed properties we make cash offers for include:

  • Foreclosure
  • Vacant and abandoned
  • Backed taxes and liens
  • Code violations
  • Fire damage

We also take on properties that have owners who do not want them anymore. Either they inherited the property, are going through a divorce, are tired of being a landlord if renting to tenants, or just want to relocate and move on with their lives.

cash buyer program
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Specific areas throughout North and Central New Jersey in which we find investment properties for our cash buyers include:

Jurelle Enterprises New Jersey County of Operation
Jurelle Enterprises New Jersey Counties of Operation

How to Join

To join our Cash Buyer’s Program and be added to our exclusive list, fill out the form with your buyer information. THAT’S IT! When sellers accept our house offers, we will market their property to you first before other marketing channels. Ensure you enter all of your buyer preferences into the form because we will only send you investment properties that meet your criteria.

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Serious Buyers Only Disclaimer

Our main requirement to be part of our Cash Buyer’s Program is to be a serious cash buyer. We can only work with people who are ready to close on a property with all cash quickly. Our motivated sellers expect that we can put cash in their hands and relieve them of their situations caused by their property as soon as possible. 

To be a serious cash buyer, we expect the following:

  1. Be an actual cash buyer with the intent and ability to close on the house quickly. No middlemen please, we have a Joint Venture Program to be announced for you to consider.
  2. Do your full due diligence on your desired property.
  3. Solidify your financing strategy beforehand.
  4. Be prepared to submit an earnest deposit.
  5. Provide proof of funds. 

Remember, our investment properties are on a first-come, first-serve basis, and they go quickly. When we send you a property that meets your criteria, please ACT FAST and let us know you are interested.

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