With New York City to the Northeast and Philadelphia to the Southwest, the State of New Jersey owns one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. However, despite its high activity, the market is still plagued with issues that are hurting the state, including:

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The mission of Jurelle Enterprises is to help individuals and families solve their real estate goals while also improving underserved communities.

Our main objectives are to:

  1. Acquire real estate properties in distress and restore their value.
  2. Provide quality and affordable housing to individuals and families.
  3. Provide solutions to struggling homeowners in distress that meet their needs.
  4. Lead and contribute to efforts that help improve a community’s overall quality of life for all of its members.

Where We Invest

We currently invest in communities throughout the following New Jersey counties:

We invest in these counties because we know them best. All of them, in a big or small way, have contributed to our CEO’s growth. As a result, we believe we can best identify the true needs of these communities. Also, this is all our CEO’s idea of giving back to them. Certainly, we plan on expanding further in New Jersey and hopefully into more states.

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Restore Value in New Jersey Real Estate Properties

We are working to transform communities throughout New Jersey by restoring value to real estate properties in need. A common reason why real estate can lose its value is if it goes into foreclosure. Not only can this financially impact the owner, but it can impact the surrounding neighborhood’s quality of life.

Improve Quality of Life

Restoring value in real estate properties in distress will help improve its community’s overall quality of life. Community members will have access to safe and sound structures to help meet their needs to live, raise a family, do business, educate, and thrive. At the same time, communities can begin to see lost and useful property taxes restored. More property taxes mean better-funded resources such as schools and public safety, cleaner and safer parks, streets, infrastructure, etc.

Provide More Affordable Housing

Year-after-year, the cost of living throughout the United States continues to rise at levels unsustainable for more everyday Americans and their families. To address the need for more affordable housing, we work to acquire properties in distress, renovate them back to life, and provide housing at affordable rates compared to their surrounding market. We believe that a little bit of money saved on the cost of living can have lasting benefits on tenant’s finances. We want our tenants to be able to have a little extra money in their pockets to save, lift themselves out of poverty, and help grow their own community’s local economy.

Collaboration is Key to Our Success

Our goal to transform communities is best achieved when we collaborate with like-minded people and professionals. That’s why our company is designed to provide opportunities for anyone with the desire to improve their community and invest in real estate to work with us.

Let Us Make an Offer on Your House

If you are a homeowner struggling to keep, maintain, or sell your property, we can help you out. We make offers on properties in distress for any reason or situation, including:

  • Pre-foreclosure
  • Tax delinquency
  • Absentee owner
  • Vacant property
  • Tired landlord
  • For Sale by Owner
  • Expired listing
  • Probate
  • Bankruptcy
  • Fire damage

Many of our house offers are cash sales so that you can move on as quickly as possible. The entire process is free for you, and there is no obligation to accept our offer. You do not have to worry about agent commissions, fees, closing costs, or repairs by working with us. We can take your house as-is, so you do not have to worry about anything.

neighborhood in newark, new jersey of essex county.
Paul Sableman, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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Please stay up to date on the latest updates on our company. Also, check out our posts about how you can invest in real estate and improve your community.

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