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Community-oriented real estate investing and solutions.

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With New York City to the Northeast and Philadelphia to the Southwest, the State of New Jersey owns one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. However, despite its high activity, the market is still plagued with issues that are hurting the state, including:

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The mission of Jurelle Enterprises is to help individuals and families solve their real estate goals while also improving underserved communities.

Our main objectives are to:

  1. Acquire real estate properties in distress and restore their value.
  2. Provide quality and affordable housing to individuals and families.
  3. Provide solutions to struggling homeowners in distress that meet their needs.
  4. Lead and contribute to efforts that help improve a community’s overall quality of life for all of its members.

What We Do

Real Estate Solutions

We help homeowners in any form of distress sell their house fast as a way of relieving them from their situation before it is too late. We buy houses fast ourselves!

Affordable Housing

Houses we buy from distressed homeowners, we fix up to provide affordable housing for individuals, families, and students in need.

Cash Buyer Partners

Houses we do not buy from distressed homeowners, we still help them sell their house fast. Our partners of buyers and investors will buy their house fast and with cash.

Partnership Opportunities

In addition to Cash Buyers, we provide opportunities for various types of real estate professionals to partner with us. Whether you are developer, contractor, wholesaler, even a community advocate, we want to work with you.

Where We Invest

We work to improve communities in the following New Jersey Counties:

We invest in these counties because we know them best. All of them, in a big or small way, have contributed to our CEO’s growth. As a result, we believe we can best identify the true needs of these communities. Also, this is all our CEO’s idea of giving back to them. Certainly, we plan on expanding further in New Jersey and hopefully into more states.

Updates & Resources

Please stay up to date on the latest updates on our company. Also, check out our posts about how you can invest in real estate and improve your New Jersey community.

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